Tort Law

Gain a Better Understanding of Tort Law

Tort law is civil law, separate from criminal law, but the two do sometimes overlap. One of the most common occurrences of tort law is negligence, in which the complainant is usually awarded monetary damages. You often see tort law overlapping with criminal law after a murder trial. Many times, you hear people talking about a wrongful death suit, in which the person may not get convicted of murder, but they are liable for the death of the person.

When a person's behavior has caused someone else harm, this is when tort law comes into play. The behavior is not necessarily illegal, so these matters are generally handled in civil court. The circumstances can sometimes blur the boundary lines, so it is easy to get confused. One rule of thumb is financial matters are often handled in civil court. Even with this example, you have blurred boundaries, but it is up to the courts to decide which laws apply.